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Lynette Cegelski

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Emily Hollenbeck
Grad Student Chem Engineering emilyh24(at)
Co-Advisor: Prof. Gerry Fuller

Joe Romaniuk
Graduate Student Chemistry

Alex Antonoplis
Graduate Student Chemistry

Wiriya Thongsomboon
Graduate Student Chemistry

Noelle Rabiah
Graduate Student Chem Eng
Co-Advisor: Prof. Gerry Fuller

Jeremy Uang
Research Assistant
B.S. Chemistry 2016

Sabrina Werby
Graduate Student Chemistry

Josh Visser
Graduate Student Chemistry

Niki Goularte
Graduate Student Structural Biology

Kyle Enriquez
Undergraduate Student Chemistry
Class of 2020

Maddie Sutton
Undergraduate Student Chemistry
Class of 2020

Michelle Park
Undergraduate Student Chemistry
Class of 2019

   NMR Friends

Greg Potter
(Washington Univ.)

Bob O'Connor
(NIH) and Newton

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students
Oscar McCrate, Ph.D. Chemistry 2013. Now: Postdoc (UNC Chapel Hill)
Marie Maher, Ph.D. Chemistry 2016
Courtney Reichhardt, Ph.D. Chemistry 2016. Now: Postdoctoral Scholar (Univ of Washington)

Postdoctoral Scholars
Xander Barnes, 2011-2013. Now: Assistant Professor (Washington University Chemistry)
Rie Nygaard, 2011-2014. Now: Research Associate (Columbia University, Physiology and Cellular Biophysics)
Dave Rice, Research Associate 2013-2015. Now: NMR Facility Manager (UC Merced)
Ji Youn Lim, Postdoctoral Scholar 2009-2015

Undergraduate Students
Janine May, B.S. Chemistry 2010. Now: Grad Student (Harvard)
Amy Jacobson , B.S. Chemistry 2011. Now: Grad Student (UCSF)
Elaine Huspeni, B.S. Chemistry 2010
James Bonhoff, B.S. Chemistry 2011. Now: M.D. (Univ Pittsburgh 2016)
Michael Kim, B.S. Chemistry 2012
Jilliane Bruffey, B.S. Chemistry 2013
Heather Beagley, B.S. Chemistry 2013 Now: Medical School
Gerry Rivera, B.S. Chemistry 2014. Now: Grad Student (Washington Univ)
Sarah Takimoto, B.S. Chemistry 2015 Now: Medical School
Jessica Lee, B.S. Human Biology 2016 Now: Pursuing Public Policy
Cheston Gunawan, B.S. Chemical Engineering 2016



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